Thank You to Our Clients

"A big Thank you to clients for their support"

After opening Morfitt Properties Tenerife October 2008, business has been very steady in what we all know are difficult times. Lee Morfitt explained “There are 3 reasons for this, the first is the excellent location for walk in trade that the office in Los Cristianos attracts. In the boom times of over 2 years ago there used to be around 20 agents that did good business from the great location and now there are only 4. The second reason is the brand new website We really are delighted with it, its bold, clear and simple to use, just what we wanted. Now we have to start to optimise it and get it up the search engines but this takes time. The 3rd reason is the networking that we have with other agents, clients and vendors.

Although there are the obvious problems with the world economy we are still seeing people looking to buy property for a manner of different reasons. The bank interest rate on your money invested is an important factor. We have a property on the popular Garden city complex with sea views priced at €95,000, the rental return on this is fantastic, giving clear profit of well over 6% of the value in the property purchase price. This is much better than the money that the bank will give, and you get to use a property in Tenerife for yourself as well. Through our networking we were given 4 Atalaya court 1 bedroom apartments with sea views for €76,500, they need renovating but are a really good deal. On a long let rental of around €600 per month, again this beats the bank interest. They have created a lot of interest as you would imagine and we sold 2 within 4 weeks. At the other end of the property scale, we have been fortunate to have been given the exclusivity on the famous mansion “Villa Ghida” in San Eugenio alto which is priced over 5 Million Euros. We have had a steady stream of clients viewing the property. We are pleased at the interest it has created. It is the “Premier League” of the European Property market.

We have some amazing investments and you can get a really good deal here but properties are not in free fall in Tenerife as in other countries. Tenerife property is attracting interest because we are attracting a bigger audience from a host of other countries that still want our fabulous climate.

In 2013 we saw a vast increase in property sales in Tenerife and so we created Tenerife Property Emporium as another way to advertise our properties and give the sellers more exposure and a wider audience to sell their properties. Since this website was created, buyers looking for a property in Tenerife have been able to see both Morfitt Properties Tenerife and also Tenerife Property Emporium advertise in The Tenerife Property Guide in every single edition.   

To all clients vendors and associate agents a very big THANK YOU !