Buying Property in Tenerife

There are very few people who have not dreamed of buying a property overseas. The sunny climate, the quality of life style or just simply getting away from the hum drum rat race. People have moved in their tens of thousands to mainland Spain, Portugal and France having had a superb summer holiday there. It is only when they have spent the full seasons there that they realise that the seasons are very similar to the U.K. The temperatures in winter are just the same and with ceramic floors and sparse moderate furniture it can feel even colder. This can often be a shock and harsh reality to what was thought to be a dream new start. People often get homesick when living abroad and when they realise the grass or weather is not greener move back to Britain. Some people who research further find there is a perfect option!! Buying a property in Tenerife!!

A Property in Tenerife, the land of the Eternal Spring.

There have been people moving to Tenerife from The U.K. since the early 1980,s they have found that the climate just 4 hours away is an average 21 degrees and sunshine is almost guaranteed. The island gets more attractive by the year. The infrastructure grows and the whole island is far less primitive than 30 years ago, more supermarkets shops and sports facilities and even an English cinema. With all this in mind, and the thoughts of what’s happening in the U.K, the decision is easy. Buying a Property in Tenerife!!

The influx of people buying a property in Tenerife do so for a variety of reasons. There are lots of different types of properties in Tenerife. Some people want to come and “Dip their toe in” to the Tenerife Property market and buy a studio apartment for investment and their own use for as little as €70,000. Others take a “leap of faith” and go straight for a Family house or Villa. These properties in Tenerife are obviously much more expensive and take much more time and effort to find. To tick ALL the boxes here can be quite complicated in the “trade off” A property in Tenerife that is close to the beach and shops can be more expensive than one in the hills or on “the other side of the motorway” You can buy a property in Tenerife in the mountains with lots of land and a bigger build for the same price as a property with just a good terraced area. A common comment from clients buying a property in Tenerife and when viewing is, “If I could only pick this house up and put it next to the beach” Smaller properties in Tenerife are just the same. An Apartment in near the Safari centre like Parque Santiago will always command more money than an apartment in a quieter village like Chayofa due to the fact that more people would like to buy a property there. Resident people could argue that Chayofa is more appealing because it is quieter, parking is easier and there is less hustle and bustle. The main area that people search for when looking for a property in Tenerife is in between Los Cristianos and La Caleta. This is because of the amount of good beaches, Restaurants, shops and bars that there are in this stretch of the coast line that are walk able.

Good advice is as expensive as bad advice. When it comes to choosing a property abroad ask the advice of a reputable Estate Agent. When it comes to buying a property in Tenerife, the land of the eternal spring, choose a reliable honest Tenerife Estate, choose Morfitt Properties Tenerife.