Buying a property in Tenerife, Let us help

When buying a property in Tenerife there are lots of stages you will need help with, choosing the right property for you is the easy part and most enjoyable. Before you have the title deed (Escritura) in your hand you will have gone through a process which Morfitt Properties Tenerife will help you 100% of the way with. From obtaining an Identity number, which is called an N.I.E number (Numero Identidad Extranjero) to helping showing you the most suitable furniture shops for your new property in Tenerife.

We offer to pick you up from your hotel or apartment and using our vast knowledge of the Tenerife Property market we will show you a wide selection of properties that we think are suitable. We will do this after speaking to you at length and with no pressure to identify your needs from a property in Tenerife.

When you have chosen the right property for you we will follow this procedure.

We will take you to the central Police station in Playa de Las Americas and obtain your N.I.E number. The cost for this is just €9.27 per person. You must have an N.I.E number to own a property in Tenerife.

We will take you to open a bank account so you can pay the utility bills for your new property in Tenerife. We will set up the direct debits so you can pay the electric, water and community fees.

When the purchase is completed we will pay on your behalf your 6.5% property transfer tax. We will pay the land registry and Notary fees and collect your new deeds on your behalf for your new property in Tenerife.

We will take you to furniture shops that you probably not find on your own. Some of them are more "off the beaten track" but are less expensive and you get a more varied chose. For example we have an IKEA in the north of the island.

When buying a property in Tenerife we recommend that you use a Solicitor. The Solicitor will be covered by public indemnity insurance and in the unlikely event that something was not correct, you would be compensated. Some clients feel that this is not necessary and in this case we are more than happy and able to arrange for the transaction and completion at the Notary on your behalf, after all, Lee Morfitt and Paul Connolly from Morfitt Properties Tenerife have been working as Estate Agents for over 10 years and selling a vast number of properties in the south of Tenerife.

If you have any special requests that we have not covered here then please "Let us help"