Selling Your property in Tenerife

Presentation when selling your property in Tenerife the same rules and principles apply as when selling a property in any part of the world. This is a vital part of giving you the best chance to sell. For some reason, sellers of properties in Tenerife can fall short in terms of presentation and often leave the property looking like a home where a very nice relaxing holiday in the sunshine is taking place.

The buyers that are looking at buying a property in Tenerife may be viewing with 2 or 3 Estate Agents who may be showing them 5 properties each. Give yourself a fighting chance at least. The misconception that is given to Estate Agents by the sellers is “They can see that its got a nice view and its in a good position, they can see past the clutter” Lets face it, its as bad as having an ash tray full of cigarette ends and take away cartons inside a brand new BMW in the showroom. Psychology plays a big part in selling and presentation is vital. If the buyer can see faults in your property in Tenerife one thing is for sure, he will want YOU to pay for them and offer you a low price to pay for it.

Some tips to help you sell your property in Tenerife.

Before the viewing, take a test drive around your property.

*Is the entrance tidy, are there leaves lying around or does the door need a little paint.

*Are all the light bulbs working and did you wash all the pots and tidy them away.

*Is the bed made up and looks inviting to get into or did you get out of it and pull the covers over it.

*Is the garden tidy, seats wiped down and sun beds prepared to lie down on.

*Think of a show house in a new house, the developer does not leave his wallet, car keys, sunglasses and mobile phone on the coffee table for you to feel at home.

* Don’t pull sun canopies totally over to keep sun out; you may have lived in Tenerife for a few years and like the shade, the buyers may be coming here for the sun.

*Keep your dog AWAY in a room you do not need to go in. He may be your best friend but he also be a total pest to a buyer and can be off putting and distracting.

* Give your property a fighting chance, present the property correctly and get rid of the clutter.

If you have a Estate Agent showing you around, let them do their job. You may know your property better than anyone but you may say too much. A good Estate Agent in Tenerife will point out the benefits of the property but will not elaborate and spoil the sale. You may think you are helping sell your property but could be doing yourself out of a sale. One owner of an exclusive penthouse property in Los Cristianos answered the comment about the complex being nice and quiet with, “Yes, I am the president and I report any children playing unsupervised to the Police” He did not realise that the nice polite couple had 3 young children and this comment worried them and killed the sale of the property. The couple had flown out to view just 3 prestigious properties in Tenerife having already done their homework.

Give your Tenerife Estate Agent a chance to sell your property for you.

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