Touristic Complexes in Tenerife

Properties in Tenerife fall in to 2 categories, one is called a residential property and the other is called a touristic property. The rules are clear and it is important to know that there is a difference. If you want to rent out your property in Tenerife commercially as an investment then you must buy your property which has a touristic licence. For a complex to get a tourist licence the complex must have a 50% plus 1 apartment to apply. They then must comply with the rules and wishes of the tourist board (a Fire alarm, fire extinguishes etc.)  You should also rent your property through the management company on site who will register all clients renting your property in Tenerife with the tourist board. These properties often have a heated pool. On a touristic complex in Tenerife there may be a pool bar and café or even a restaurant which would come in very useful for holiday makers. The community fees for a property in Tenerife with a tourist licence would often be higher. The people usually buy a property on a tourist complex as a rental investment in Tenerife and are happy to pay more in community fees. Residents often don’t want to use these amenities and so it would be wasting their money to buy a property on a tourist complex.
If you buy a property in Tenerife and want peace and quiet then you would choose a residential property. You would be almost guaranteed peace and quiet in your property. You may have owners letting friends and family stay in their property but you would not get a “back to back 52 week holiday calendar” being operated from a property in Tenerife where it should be much more peaceful. The community fees would be less and there is much more tranquillity and a feeling of being at home in the sun and not on holiday for a week or two.
There is a big difference between a property with a touristic licence and a Residential property.