Rural Properties in Tenerife

For many people coming on holiday to Tenerife, their natural progression is to buy a holiday home close to where they had a holiday and feel comfortable. They may rent an apartment in a complex with a tourist licence such as the ever popular Paloma Beach or Victoria Court. When the decision to buy a property in Tenerife comes along they may feel that they do not want to live for longer periods on a complex full of short term holiday makers and so they usually decide that a property in a close by residential complex is more suitable. Residential complexes such as Parque Tropical or Playa Graciosa are often a popular choice. After a while living in an apartment with community rules and with community fees to pay, the owners follow a natural progression and decide to buy a rural property. Rural Properties in Tenerife can be very good value for money as land is usually cheaper away from the sea front and major resorts such as Los Cristianos, Playa del Las Americas, La Caleta or Playa del Duque. Therefore you could buy a property with more rooms, bigger room sizes and a nice garden or even on a nice plot of land. People with children and pets often feel the need to have a rural property and can’t cope with just a couple of terrace for family living. When searching to buy a rural property in Tenerife you should be aware that they can be called a number of names. Country property, Rustic House, Village House, Farmhouse ( Finca) is the Spanish word for this so look out for this word as we are in Spain and this will be often used.

When living in a Rural Property in Tenerife you will be instantly aware that you are living in the “Real Spain” and you will find that you will have to learn some Spanish as the locals seldom speak English. They are known to be very helpful and in the event of an accident or emergency they are always close at hand. The local farmers will often give neighbours some of their locally grown produce as a friendly gesture as they are proud of their work. You will notice the peace and tranquillity of rural living in Tenerife that you would find in rural areas in other countries. The distance from the resorts can be as little as just 5 to 10 minutes drive away giving the property owners the very best of both worlds, Sea, Sun, Beach, Restaurants and shops and also peace and quiet.