Apartments for sale in Los Cristianos

In the boom of tourism in the 1980,s Los Cristianos was a quiet fishing village in the distance and a bus ride away from the popular resort of Playa de Las Americas. It was not long before people realised the charm of Los Cristianos and wanted to stay there for the entire duration of their holiday. At the same time investors and developers decided to build apartments in Los Cristianos. 1984 Paloma Beach was constructed on the front at the far end of Los Cristianos, across the road from the popular Arona Grand hotel. This resort was built with a tourist licence. This would encourage people to buy a property in Tenerife and gain a good rental return on their investment. Weekly holiday rental was allowed and for people who preferred self catering holidays it was a great opportunity. Soon after this, Victoria Court was constructed with the same theme. Along came San Marino, Cristian Sur and Royal Palm. Complexes sold quickly “off plan” “pre construction” as people, especially holiday makers could see the great benefits of owning a property in Tenerife and buying an apartment in Los Cristianos. It was at this time that other complexes were constructed where people wanted a quieter and more residential apartment in Los Cristianos. Port Royale, at the very top. Apartments for sale in Port Royale would have a great panoramic sea view. Also it was a little further out from the shops, restaurants and bars so it would be much quieter.

Construction was taking place around and beyond the centre of Los Cristianos. San Marino and Cristian sur, just above the very centre, Parque Margarita a little bit further out and development stretching towards the far end towards the hotel Arona Grand. In Playa de Las Americas the same thing was happening and the construction mushroom would eventually meet. Parque Santiago i and Parque Santiago ii was up and sold out but there was a great void between here and Los Cristianos. At the end of Playa de Las Americas, Parque Santiago iii then Parque Santiago iv, v and then Compostella beach would soon be under way. Then El Paso and La Punta and eventually Azahara and at this point the 2 great resorts would almost meet. At the corner of El Paso and La Punta on the beautiful walkway from (Playa de Las Americas to Los Cristianos) it is hard to identify which resort you are in and now the 2 popular resorts do easily flow together.

But people still come in great numbers to Los Cristianos and this is their first choice for a holiday or holiday home / residential home. More construction has take place in recent years and we have many properties in Los Cristianos to choose from. Granada Park, Ocean Golf are great resorts (with a tourist licence) Playa Graciosa, Parque Tropical and El Rincon are usually bigger apartments and are all residential.