Properties in Callao Salvaje

“The Residential Resort nearby“

When choosing a property in Tenerife we often find that what we first sought in the property is not necessarily what we want in the long term. People often want more space, a little garden perhaps and a bit of peace and peace and quiet. Over the last few years properties in Callao Salvaje have become very popular for this reason. There are lots of different properties in Callao Salvaje to choose from. The most popular seem to be the Villa’s. There are investor clients who buy a properties in Callao Salvaje that they can rent out whilst they are not in Tenerife. This can be a great way to make your property in Callao Salvaje pay for itself and even make you a tidy amount of profit. You also find that people want to buy a property in Callao Savaje to live in full time and make it their home in sunny Tenerife. It is worth while mentioning that Properties in Callao Salvaje and on this part of the coast have the best climate in Tenerife enjoying more sunshine than anywhere else on the island.

In the resort of Callao Salvaje there are lots of restaurants, bars and supermarkets to choose from. You do not really need to leave your property in Callao Salvaje to go to Los Cristianos, Las Americas or Fañabe because there is plenty to do. The long awaited beach is getting closer to being put in which really would make the resort perfect.

There are apartments for sale in Calleo Salvaje as well and these can be reasonably priced. 1 bedroom properties starting around €120,000. 2 bedroom Callao Salvaje properties starting at €160,000. 3 bedroom properties start at €200,000 for Apartments, Duplex Apartments and Townhouses, rising to around €300,000 depending on size and position as with all Callao Salvaje properties.

A Smaller 2 to 3 bedroom Villa,s start at €300,000.
Medium sized 3 to 4 bedroom Villa,s start at around €500,000.
The Large properties in Callao Salvaje can be around the magical €1,000.000 figure and would be very, very special.

Properties in Callao Salvaje    “The Residential Resort nearby“


Properties in Callao Salvaje     “The beautiful sunny residential suburb”

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