Properties in Playa de Las Americas

"Where it all started…….is just getting better"!!

When people started to venture away from the British resorts in the 1970,s especially for winter sun, Tenerife and particularly Playa de Las Americas was one of the first destinations that they headed for. Very soon the resort became very, very busy. This popular resort did not know what had hit it. Bars and restaurants and hotels became full and the place was thriving and alive. It was not long before people had a great idea. Why not buy a property in Playa de Las Americas, have their own place in the sun. There were not many Properties in Playa de Las Americas for sale in those days and most were front line properties. These were soon sold, the property developers had to build more. This trend continued and soon we had the “Overseas property boom”.

As we approached the 1980,s people were buying properties in Playa de Las Americas and beyond to Los Cristianos and the popularity of the place, the infrastructure and popularity was incredible.

The whole place had grown so fast that it had become spoilt, things looked dirty and unkempt. This was a great shame but the local councils of Tenerife identified this and changes were about to take place. We saw the growth of the 5 star hotels like the Mediterranean palace, Mare Nostrum. Properties in Playa de Las Americas like Parque Santiago 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 and eventually 5 became something to be really proud of and still are in extremely high demand. Across the road from these properties in the now “Upmarket” Playa de Las Americas we saw the popular designer shopping centre of the Safari centre where there is a Music and lights water show set in a courtyard with all the shops and restaurants around it. Properties in Playa de Las Americas around this centre that are very popular are named, El Paso, Compostella beach, Tenerife Royale Gardens. The reason for their popularity is the golden rule in property. Location, Location, Location, as this will never change. Playa de Las Americas properties have the Location and you can not change this. You can change a kitchen a bathroom, even the colour but not...............the location!

In recent times we have seen the popular American restaurants such as Tony Roma,s  and Hooters to add to the many we have already, Tapanyaki, Bianco,s, Sangre de Torro. People buying properties in Playa de Las Americas want to be near these popular restaurants and also the beach. What better, than to stroll to and from these properties to dine and not having to drive a car. People travel for miles to this popular area of Playa de Las Americas for a night’s entertainment, parking can be very difficult. So what better than to buy a property here, in the popular upmarket Playa de Las Americas.

                                                         Properties in Playa de Las Americas, “The Resort”

                                                           Where it all started…….is just getting better!!