Luxury properties in the popular areas, Playa Del Duque, La Caleta and Adeje Golf.

Luxury properties in the popular areas of;

Playa Del Duque, La Caleta and Adeje Golf.

Morfitt Properties Tenerife has a large selection of Luxury properties in their extensive inventory. To be considered a luxury property what does the property need to be added to this prestigious category? Quite a lot is the answer which many discerning clients ask for! The property cannot just be a very large house with many bedrooms and generally a spacious living area. The fixtures and fittings along with the general design of the house have to feature highly, along with the location and views. The areas can vary from Los Gigantes in the South West of Tenerife to Golf Del Sur in the South East and beyond.

Starting in 2014 we have seen a large number of luxury villas being built in the areas covering Playa Del Duque, La Caleta and Adeje Golf which are actually quite close together. This seems to be an area where buyers have identified as a preferred location. Probably because it is close to the best beaches, hotels and shops in the south where plot sizes are very good and you can walk into the hub of it all quite easily. This location generally feels luxurious; the luxury villas here are large, modern, and new with great designs built with the sea, golf or mountain views in mind by modern innovative architects. There is the beautiful and highly popular beach of Playa Del Duque which has the up market commercial centre of Plaza Del Duque just a 5 minutes’ walk away. There is the championship golf course of Adeje Golf which boasts an 18 hole course, 72 par and 9 hole course which is par 33. Most of the hotels in the area are 5* which includes the Sheraton, Bahia del Duque and the Anthelia which all have superb restaurants you can use. They are situated on a long pedestrian promenade which gleams clean and are litter free.

We have a good selection of Luxury villas in these areas which start at €1,000.000 and go up to approximately €5,000.000 in this area on our website which you can easily search for, “by area”