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Morfitt Properties Tenerife recommends Wingate School.

When clients come to our agency looking to buy a property in Tenerife, we give advice on lots of topics to make their move to a different country as smooth and stress free as possible. We give advice on doctors and health insurance to house removals and even buying a car. One thing we are often asked which has high priority is “Which is a really good school for my children” for this we answer with confidence, Wingate School!!

Wingate School and delighted to announce that September 2016 marked the beginning of an enormous shift towards Technology in Teaching. Every student in Wingate School Senior School has a new Chrome book to access the Google Classroom and Google Apps for learning e-platform. The Junior Department also have a classroom set. Across the School, over the next two years they will gradually move over to using this amazing software for teaching and learning. The senior students are very excited and thoroughly enjoying using their new “best friend”.

The Primary School remains heavily over-subscribed in all years but a second Year 6 class has eased the pressure at the top end. If you wish your child to start in Wingate primary School I suggest early registration.

The land to the East of the school has been purchased which will allow us to expand slowly and gradually over the next decade.

Wingate follows the UK National Curriculum with added Spanish and Spanish Studies. All lessons are delivered in English except Spanish and French. They are a truly a diverse and International community with 23 different nationalities of children so far.

The family values and sense of belonging which have always been the core of the children´s education will continue to be nurtured at Wingate School. Even though, so many years later, with well over 400 students from age 3 to 18 and we continue to grow, Wingate will always be a family school as it was when Mr and Mrs Green first started over 34 years ago.

If you wish to visit our lovely school, please contact the Office and make an appointment. We will be delighted to show you around and sincerely hope you will entrust us with your children.


If you are thinking buying a property in Tenerife and how far from the school you are, here are some useful directions below. If you are considering buying a property anywhere near to the main resorts from Los Cristianos to La Caleta then you are only going to have to travel approximately 10 to 15 minutes by car. If you are looking to find a property from Playa Paraiso/ Calleo Salvaje and beyond to the west coast then you could add another 10 minutes on to your journey. Properties in Golf del Sur and nearby areas more to the East would still be only 10 to 15 minutes away.

From Los Cristianos, follow the TF1 Motorway (direction Sta. Cruz) and turn off at Guaza exit 26.
You need to head north of the motorway.
So as you leave the TF1, stay in the inside lane, follow the signs for Valle San Lorenzo and the road round under the motorway.

From the Airport take exit 26 Buzanada.

Follow the signs to Valle San Larenzo.
Then at the first roundabout turn left to Cabo Blanco.
Follow the road into Cabo Blanco.
Drive through the town until you come to the roundabout.
Take the second exit (at 11 o'clock) and keep to this road.
Look for Calle Mirador de la Cumbrita on the right. It is the third turn.

Wingate School is situated along this road on the right hand side.
Park in the second car park opposite the school.

Foundation ages 3-5

At Wingate we believe that a high quality Early Years education makes a positive contribution to our children´s early development and therefore provides a sound basis for lifelong learning.

Our Nursery caters for 13 children, in a warm, caring and secure environment. From the start, the children are encouraged to be happy, independent little learners. Through a wide range of topics and activites their development and progress is a joy to see.

In Reception class of 24 pupils, the children continue to take guidance from the Early Years framework, as in England. They build on their learning from Nursery and confidence grows.

Our little learners start to grow up, adapt to the more structured - and at times more challenging - aspects of their learning, and preparations are made for a smooth transition to Key Stage 1.

Key stage 1 ages 5-7

There are close links from our Reception class to Year 1 and this helps the children to settle easily into their new class. Our school is such that all staff know all the children throughout the Infant department and the children know the expectations of staff for good behaviour, a positive attitude and enthusiastic learning.

In Year 1, the focus is very much on building on from the work done in the Foundation Stage. As you walk around the department, you will see children continue to be motivated and keen to learn about the world around them.

Our Year 2 children become increasingly independent in their learning and work hard, as they prepare for the demands of Key Stage 2.

Key stage 2 ages 7-11

Welcome to the junior department where we work to ensure the highest quality education for all of our pupils. Our dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic staff provide classroom environments that ensure high standards and high expectations of our children are achieved, not just in their academic ability but also in their behaviour and attitudes.

We aim to provide a wide range of opportunities and our children benefit, not only from academic success and development, but also from excellent musical, drama and sporting involvement within a broad and balanced curriculum.

Secondary ages 11-16

Wingate Senior School has approximately 200 students from 20+ nationalities. We follow the UK National Curriculum with added Spanish - please read the Year 9 Options Booklet which explains 'Convalidation'. The Senior School also has a traditional feeling with Prefects selected from Year 11 and a strict uniform policy. Classes are no larger than 24 but some subjects are Set to allow smaller groups and aid individual learning. As we have many second language students we run support lessons for those students.

We monitor progress closely with three Reports each year and two Open Days when parents may see their children’s Tutor and subject teachers. However to encourage the school/parent relationship you can request a meeting at any time by making an appointment via the Office.

Key Stage 4 studies culminate in IGCSE or GCSE exams as in UK, please refer to the Year 10 Curriculum document (Year 9 Options booklet).

Wingate Sixth Form is selective based on the student’s success at GCSE, aptitude and attitude towards their studies. Almost without exception our Sixth Form students continue on to Universities all over the World.

Sixth Form ages 16-18

Wingate Sixth is a key part of our highly successful school and as a Sixth Former you will enjoy an environment where you will experience a new level of independence and challenge. Possibly for the first time, you’ll have time when you are not in class, time we trust that you will spend productively. We believe in supporting you to develop your unique skills and talents that will allow you to move on and achieve your goals and ambitions, whether those are at University or moving into the world of employment.

Our small class sizes are an ideal setting for you to learn, discuss and develop the all-important questioning and reasoning skills that will help you maximise your potential at A Level. Achieving good A Level grades demand that you spend time researching and studying your chosen subjects and to enable you to do this there are three computer rooms, a dedicated study room and time allocated for you to meet regularly with your mentor to discuss your progress.

We have a team of highly qualified teachers with a track record of success. Our academic record speaks for itself and last year 100% of our students entered some of the most prestigious universities in the UK and further afield. Our multi-cultural school community boasted nineteen different nationalities at the last count!

Equally, we encourage students to get involved in extra-curricular activities to help broaden their experiences and encourage a spirit of helpfulness and co-operation. Opportunities range from the Sports Leadership course to working with younger students who need support with classroom activities. If you have a particular area of interest then you may be able to assist a subject teacher with classes in the Lower Senior or Junior School. This involvement in community activities is highly regarded by both employers and universities.

Wherever you see yourself in the future, Wingate Sixth is the ideal location to start you on your journey.


School fees in Tenerife for private schools are competitive by comparison to the UK and throughout Europe. State schools are free of course but you would be advised to take lessons to speak Spanish first to make the transition as easy and smooth as possible.


Wingate School - Fee List and Information

To enrol a child at Wingate School it is necessary to complete the application form and return it with the other relevant documents to the school office. Should your child be placed on the waiting list, you will have the option of withdrawing your application and receiving back the €75.00 registration fee. HOWEVER, SHOULD THE SCHOOL OFFER A PLACE, THE REGISTRATION FEE IS NOT RETURNABLE SHOULD YOU NO LONGER WISH TO TAKE THE PLACE OFFERED.

Once a place is offered at the school, a deposit of €841.00 has to be paid before the child is admitted into the school. The deposit is returnable provided THREE MONTHS NOTICE is given in writing before the beginning of the next term, other than the summer term when we would require FOUR MONTHS NOTICE in which your child will not be in school, i.e. 10th October for those leaving at the end of the Autumn Term, 30th January for those leaving at the end of the Spring Term and 7th May for those leaving at the end of the Summer Term. The deposit can then be used towards the school fees if there is a balance outstanding. The balance will be returned on the last day of the child attending school. There are three terms per year:

The school fees are:

Sixth Form Year 12 (Full time)
Standard Course Year 12 (Full time)
Seniors (ages 11 - 16 years)
Juniors (ages 7 - 11 years)
Infants (4 - 7 years)
Nursery (age 3)

€2006.00 per term (plus €71.00 per term if taking Biology, Chemistry or Art)
€1667.00 per term
€1467.00 per term
€1267.00 per term
€1267.00 per term
€1313.00 per term

There will be additional costs for the support of second language students

For families with three children attending Wingate, there is a discount of 5% on the school fees. For four children, 7.5% is deducted from the school fees.

These fees should be paid during the ten days after the commencement of term directly to the school bank account – clearly stating the name of the student/s.

Fees paid after the first ten days of term will be liable to a 5% surcharge unless prior arrangement has been made with the School Office or Head. The only extra costs are that of school uniform and the cost of a school outing either educational or recreational of which there will not be more than one per term costing approximately €12.00 and in years 10 and 11 for IGCSE exams which cost approximately €75.00 - €100.00 each depending on the exam board and subject. Children needing extra support in exams i.e. a reader for children with diagnosed dyslexia will be charged €20.00 per hour for invigilation.

Children over the age of 11 years will only be admitted after the school has received a full report from the previous school and an interview has been held with the Head of Senior School.

In case of children wishing to join the school directly from England and unable to attend an interview, parents will need to send the name, address and telephone number of the previous school.